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A good buy   
RalphR  CA  3/10/2009

If you have a DOG the feeder works great. If you have a CAT they will most likely figure out they can put their paw up and eat when they want.

Great for DOGS   
Dogsbestfriend  IL  3/10/2009

If you have a DOG the feeder works great. If you have a CAT they will most likely figure out they can put their paw up and eat when they want.

Extremely happy!   
vettech  ak  1/10/2009

I recently purchased a Ergo pet feeder (medium size) for my cat. I will admit I was a little hesitant, because the reviews I had read seemed to be mixed. I can say however that I have no complaints at all about the feeder I purchased. Setting the timer was a bit tricky and time consuming (which I expected from what others had written) but now that it is set up it works great and I have had absolutely no problems. I was concerned about my cat learning to manipulate or tip the unit, but so far he has not been able to. He did try monkeying with it the first night, but then gave up, which is surprising for this cat as he has broken into cabinets and other containers to get to food, both his and the dog's! One feature I really like is the ability to set the feeder to feed small amounts frequently. I have it set to dispense 1 1/2 tablespoons at a time, 4 times daily. Other feeders I have seen can only dispense 1/4 cup or more per meal and this cat gains weight if fed more than 3/8 cup per day. I bought this feeder because I am often gone 10 or more hours per day and the cat was always starving when I got home. Also, we sometimes like to take weekend trips and will be gone for a week this summer and finding someone to come and feed the cat 3 times a day can be tough. This feeder solves these problems. I would highly recommend it! This would be great for cats that need to lose weight or diabetic cats who need to be fed set meals. I am a vet tech and will be recommending it to clients.

very easy to use and manage   
catlover292  ny  10/8/2008

I have two very obese cats that I try to watch how much they eat. I bought this because you can schedule it more times and could have as little or more food. The programming was easy to set up. It goes off every three hours. Before I would put a little in their dish and then they would eat it all at the time and want more later. This lets me give them a little at a time. Plus it is great when I go on weekend vacations. The only thing I wish is that it had an actually door that latched during non feeding times. It did not take long for them to figure out how to get more food out, even though it is just a few that come out. If it had a door that would latch shut and then open when the timer went off it would eliminate the little extra they have. Overall this is a great product, especially when trying to control the feeding of your pets. I researched other feeders and this one had the most flexibility as far as 6 timers and how much food too disburse.

Relaxed, finally!!!!!!!!!,   
srapse  ky  5/7/2009

"sooooooooooooo helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!fresh clean water that lasts longer! now i don't have to get up and fill toni's bowl every hour."

Great products, they show up as the description said.   
BRAD  CO  5/7/2009

Awesome product! I feel great knowing my cats are taken care of. Combined with the Auto feeder we're able to go away and our cats are set. Thanks for the excellent customer service.

This is my 2nd Pet Oasis and I love it.   
MARY  VA  6/5/2009

This is my 2nd Pet Oasis and I love it. We can go weeks without having to worry about filling with water. The water bowl does need to be cleaned once a week b/c if there is dirt on the dog's beard, the dirt ends up in the water. Also, this is our 2nd Pet Oasis since the pump on the 1st one stopped after 2+ months. We're hopeful that won't be the case with this one....bottom line - the product is great and I've recommended it for others

The pet waterer is easy to setup   
Rob  Kansas   3/17/2009

The pet waterer is easy to setup, easy to use and the cats and dog seem to like it. We left the plain water bowl for them while they adjusted, but they now prefer the fresher, moving water in the Pet Oasis. The adjustment period was only one day. The water bottle has a second handle that you can't see in the illustration to make it easier to carry. That's good news, since it weights about 25 lbs completely full. Pet owners who can't comfortably and safely carry this much weight will not be able to use the full capacity of the oasis without help. I have no idea what function the flapper on the front of the Oasis is for. It may be cosmetic, designed to better match the appearance of the complementary auto pet feeder. However, the design of the feeder has changed since the product photos were taken. The feeder now has a long spout to keep eager paws and tongues out of the auger. The water bottle is tall, and probably won't fit under most kitchen faucets. It's easier to fill the bottle in a utility sink or with an extendable faucet/sprayer if you're lucky enough to have one. The unit I received also differed from the picture in another way: the illustration shows an armored power cable, whereas the currently shipping model has an unarmored low-voltage cable connecting the pump to a wall wart transformer as described in the copy. This cord is not quite 6' long, which might limit its location in older houses where outlets aren't as plentiful. As far as whisper quiet, our Oasis makes about as much noise as a pan of boiling water on the stove. Not too loud, but it does make me check the stove more often. For our pets and us, the Pet Oasis is a nice combination of the reservoir bottle and recirculating water bowl.

It just makes life easier   
Terry  Minnesota  5/4/2009

Very easy to set up, pets adjust. Will use one forever now.


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