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Tube Style Auger Cover

Tube Style auger Cover: Is a vertical tube/ chute found in the base in front of the auger from where the pet food comes out. It is found just above the feeder bowl or dish. It is held in place with the help of two screws from inside the base. It is available only in small and medium feeder. This prevents pet stealing food to a great extent.

Instructions to install TUBE STYLE AUGER COVER

Step 1: Take off the food jar from the feeder base by holding the base firmly between your feet and pulling it straight upward. Do not turn or twist the food jar while pulling upwards as that will damage the safety switch inside the base and the safety pin on the food storage container.

Step 2: Find two screws inside the base holding the existing auger cover, unscrew those and remove the cover.

Step 3: Take off the bowl from the base.

Step 4: Remove the cover inside the base unscrewing the six screws.

Step 5: Fit the new TUBE STYLE AUGER COVER in place of the old auger cover and tighten with the two screws from inside.

Step6: Now fit the inside auger cover and make sure that the tabs on the tube style auger cover fits in the holes on the inside auger cover.

Step 7: Now fit the bowl and then the food jar. Make sure that you align the safety switch while installing the food storage container.

Our Price: US$17.00

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